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Razor Mesh

Category: Security Fence

Razor mesh is used in making top-quality fences as they are specially designed to provide the highest security possible. They are an effective, intimidating and versatile deterrent, capable of being installed as a standalone fence or retro-fitted as panels over existing fencing solutions.

Some of the highly restricted sites that utilise razor mesh fencing are:

  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Electrical substations
  • Reservoirs

Razor mesh is made by combining welded high-tensile wires with razor blades into a diamond shape. Manufacturing them with galvanised material gives them enhanced longevity as they are resistant to cutting and corrosion. Moreover, their appearance and design make them extremely difficult to climb.

Although razor mesh commands a higher price, they are worth the investment due to their superior build quality and deterrence design. For instance, they do not require constant maintenance and re-tensioning.

Razor mesh fence suppliers are also able to offer a variety of blade specifications and forms. They can be manufactured according to different requirements, making them a highly customisable security option.


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